Rol and assessment in industrial, automotive, and petrochemical processing. Another area being developed as a potential application for this technology is as a quality control monitor in food-processing industry. Cyrano claims its device will be able to check for spoilage, contamination, freshness, and batch-to-batch consistency in foods and beverages. Archana kaushik, y. G. B. Tech ii year, biotechnology, tkriet, hyderabad * * * role of stimulation techniques in quadriplegic patients life expectancy of patients with high spinal cord injury has significantly increased over the last 30 years, principally as a consequence of improvement in paramedic resuscitative skills at the scene of trauma. When ventilator dependent spinal cord injury (sci) patients are admitted to dedicated sci centre, mortality is negligible. Consideration should be given to ensure availability of state of the art technology to stabilise these patients either on domiciliary ventillatory systems or with phrenic nerve pacemaker implants, not only to reduce respiratory morbidity but also to allow weaning off the ventilator. We being bio medical engineers, play an important role in the proper stabilisation of these patients by enhancing their respiratory rate to the required level. buy viagra online cheap viagra cheap generic viagra cheap pills viagra buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra generic viagra buy generic viagra viagra for sale Diaphragm pacing by electrical stimulation of the phrenic nerve has evolved into a practical method of supporting ventilation in selected patients with high cervical sci. In this paper, we mainly emphasise on the various stimulation techniques like conventional phrenic nerve pacing, intercostal muscle stimulation, intra muscular diaphragm pacing in the effective ventilation of the quadriplegic (injury at the c3, c4 levels) patients. Approximately 25% of spinal cord-injured individuals suffer from respiratory muscle paralysis and require chronic mechanical ventilation. Unfortunately, this form of life support is associated with a number of undesirable side effects and discomforts. The conventional form of mechanical ventilation using a ventilator does not synchronize with the.
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