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Imagine owning your dream home. The perfect, modern kitchen. The most convenient, brightest bathroom. The coziest, warmest basement. Every room, every surface, every corner is just right. This dream can easily become a reality.

Can You See It? 

4 Square Construction & Renovation can make your dream home a reality. We are Calgary based experts, in home improvement. We focus our attention on one project at a time - YOUR project. Our skilled professionals are experienced in all aspects of renovation: plumbing, electrical, and general contracting. Think about the possibilities.

Team Work

We have a team with all the necessary skills, so you won't have to manage multiple contractors and coordinate trades and suppliers. Our top notch designers and craftsmen, working with high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, produce results that will make you proud of your remodeled home.

We have reasonable prices that can fit your budget. We take special care to minimize the disruption of your home and lifestyle. At the end of each work day, clean-up is our number one priority. It is our job to make your home improvement and remodeling a carefree experience.


 From Complete Basement, Kitchen, & Bathroom Developments, to Garages, Decks & More We have done it all!




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