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Calgary Bathroom Renovations

When we build or renovate, your bathroom becomes much more than a sink, a tub, and a toilet. We can do simple bathroom renovations which might include replacing fixtures or installing new bathroom tiles. Or can change the layout, enlarge the bathroom or add an extra bathroom.

The Bathroom is one of the most personal of all the rooms in the house. It should reflect your needs, taste and style. Our main focus in bathroom renovation is, to create your own individual flair.

Complete bathroom remodeling Services:

New vanity and sink tops
Water closet replacment
 Tub replacments
Ceramic tile floor walls and roof
Custom showers 
 Schluter Kerdi system base and membrane
 Multi valve and head installs
 Full Kohler DVT and multimedia installs  
 Steam unit
Ceramic tile in floor heat
 Reasons to renovate your Bathroom.

Bathroom size and design — the room is small or poorly designed.
Fixtures — the fixtures are outdated, small, hard-to-clean, leaky, cracked or inefficient.
Structural — there are problems that require structural changes or repairs.
Moisture — excessive bathroom moisture.
Plumbing and electrical — the plumbing and electrical services are outdated and need upgrading.
Heating and ventilation — the bathroom is cold in the winter because of poor insulation or poor heat delivery and the ventilation is inadequate, non-existent or causing secondary problems that need to be fixed.

Whatever your reason for renovating a bathroom, make sure your design meets your existing and future needs. Bathroom renovations can include new paint, countertops, vanities, windows, vents, faucets and lighting. Tub and shower enclosures can be retiled. Floors, too, often receive special attention, with the installation of quality ceramic or stone tiles, baseboards or the latest in heated flooring. And if the toilet is replaced with a new, efficient low-flush toilet, you save money in water bills.

We will present you with an expert quote, and references will be available upon request. All workmanship will be provided by highly skilled professionals.

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