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From Conception to Cleanup! Doing it right the first time!

This is not just a Slogan, but a Mission.


This is your project and your home.  We are here to make sure your expectations are realized and that all the work performed is done right the first time.

Conception:  Whether you have detailed blueprints and specifications or want to start by showing us the space and asking for ideas, or anywhere in between, our first step is to take the time to visualize your needs.  Just remember, you are only limited by your imagination.

Consulting:  Next we calculate how to best meet your requirements within your budget.  We will help you prioritize your desires and maximize your resources to achieve your dream.

Calculation:  We follow up with a detailed estimate using only quality materials, proven techniques, and professional trades.

Contract: Our detailed contract ensures that everyone understands what is expected, what is included and when it is to be done. This does not mean that there can not be any changes; on the contrary, this is your home and your project.  Many projects continue to evolve throughout construction and we have a change order process to include and incorporate your ideas within the contract.

Commencement:  Upon commencement your project is our number one priority.  We focus on one project at a time through to completion to minimize disruption.

Construction:  We work with you throughout the project to ensure nothing is overlooked.  We make suggestions for conveniences that can be completed during the construction process to save you time and money later.  We will accept any ideas you have and try to incorporate them within the project.


Coordination:  We ensure all participants in the project are informed and organized to follow the most efficient and effective schedule to complete your project on time.

Cooperation:  We know that this is your home, and not only our worksite.  We will work with you to provide the least amount of disruption for the briefest time through thoughtful scheduling.  We understand that when we leave for the day, your life continues in your home so we leave the work area as clean and as functional as possible.

Completion:  Our next project does not start until yours is completed; we take your satisfaction seriously because your renovation is our next reference. 

Cleanup:  Keeping your home clean throughout the project is a must, not only for your convenience, but for your health and safety.  Finally, your project is complete and  your home is ready for your enjoyment.